About Us — Firm Values

Global Perimeter is a private real estate investment firm founded by and . The firm’s investment focus is in large scale, 100+ unit Class-B multi-family properties. Global Perimeter’s approach has always been Core Plus investing, as well as active ownership.

Global Perimeter is actively sourcing new investment opportunities. We look for properties where a solid management team can produce a strong fundamental value.

Active ownership is a core principal at Global Perimeter. By engaging the management teams of the properties in which it invests, Global Perimeter helps them expand the properties growth opportunities, and streamline operations.

We manage the company with the long term in mind. This means that we invest significantly in our business and our people. We work hard to maintain a culture that rewards teamwork and encourages a work-life balance.

Global Perimeter is known for its unique organizational culture, which attracts outstanding talent. Our investment professionals have diverse functional experience in many industries, enabling the company to apply a matrix of expertise to the assets in which it invests. The investment group is supported by an experienced team of legal, tax, and other professionals.

These commitments are designed to pursue rewards over the long run.

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Global Perimeter

Our Plans for the future

We and our people are extremely ambitious. We are a company that seeks to capture the top end of the business. That is quite a statement to make in view of how well conceived our competitors are, but we are fairly confident since we have seen them and have seen our own company, that using capital and experience we can take our business to another level.

We have also been planning phase two, and that nearly doubles our ability to expand. We intend to launch this phase as soon as possible, with the same kind of energy, finesse and success we dedicated to its planning.