Company Culture

We recruit for a confident agreeable personality, then we train for the job.

To be the best, a person can be highly skilled, highly intelligent, and work around the clock, but a lot of companies will look for reasons to fire them. We don't do that, instead we look for reasons to admire them. We look for reasons to say “thank you” for your efforts.

If you are hard working, with a positive attitude, intelligent and creative this is the place to be.

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As you know, every company has its own unique work style and environment.

What is a typical day like in the life of an employee at Global Perimeter?

Global Perimeter is a lean machine, and our employees are an integral part of that machine. Profits, as well as employee satisfaction are at the top of our objectives.

We are not the type of operation that believes in keeping dead wood. Those who don't survive are the ones who are looking to coast from 9-5 with as little effort as possible. But if you are someone who is focused on achieving results, and being noticed for it, welcome aboard. We can always use more like you.

The level of the people you will work here with is absolutely top-notch!

Depending upon your position you may be expected to be responsive to things like email and text messages 24 x 7. Also because the workload can vary from heavy to light, depending upon your position, sometimes you may have to work late, and sometimes weekends. But we are aware of those who go above and beyond.

Are people dressed in t-shirts or business suits?

As we said above, the level of the people you will work here with is absolutely top-notch. We only hire the best, and therefore we expect both our men and women to dress up and look their very best every day. There are no casual Fridays here. We are leaders and expect our people to dress that way. We dress professionally every day.

Global Perimeters attire for women is not very restrictive at all. In fact it allows for a lot of individuality on her part. It includes stockings, skirts, business dress pants, no low-cut blouses, and conservative makeup. No matter what items are chosen, a sharp daytime woman's business look is desired. Ultimately we believe that the woman knows what looks best on her on any given day, of any given season, and we also know that fashions change with time, but ultimately your boss will determine what is acceptable office wear.

Our attire for men is more traditional and includes blue, black or gray woolen business dress pants, a pressed long sleeved business dress shirt, and a conservative business tie, with a suit being optional. Your boss will determine what is acceptable.

Our culture is very much profits first, but we also understand that our people are our greatest assets, and our goal with this dress code, as with everything else that we do, is to maximize the employees individual potential and to increase their commercial effectiveness.

So what is the office environment and culture really like at Global Perimeter?

In addition to looking good, we have built a culture that values teamwork, collaboration and dialogue. A workplace where people know they will learn, and that their efforts can be noticed and are valued. A place where they will have an opportunity make an impact and get noticed for it.

In return, we expect our people to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything they do, both in their work for Global Perimeter and in their personal lives.

All of this is acceptable attire