philanthropic efforts

Global Perimeter is deeply committed to giving back

At Global Perimeter, we understand that it isn't just humans who live in our apartment communities, we know that pets live there too.

With a focus on pet rescue and other organizations that understand and help underprivileged pets in need nationwide. We are committed to taking philanthropic action based on a long term strategic approach, utilizing both discipline and innovation. It is an initiative that enables us to drive tangible progress both in the communities here where we work and live, and in other areas farther away.

This commitment extends company-wide into all areas of Global Perimeter, into Global Perimeter's charitable contribution efforts, and the day to day operational practices within all of Global Perimeter's on site offices.

Our goal is to help make a difference by focusing on the incredible organizations that rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused or abandoned pets.

Housing providers such as Global Perimeter have an important responsibility to ensure that steps are taken to treat all pets in a humane fashion. It's a duty that everyone at Global Perimeter believes in very strongly. As a company we are committed to continually finding new ways to improve methods in this area, and to help this vital cause.

Global Perimeter and its people are committed to improving the lives of pets in the communities where we work and live – and in places more distant – where our ideas, world class people and resources can make a difference.