Global Perimeter is a privately held company that invests in large scale multi-family apartment communities.

We bring together individual investors giving them advantages normally only enjoyed by large institutional investors.

Investing in large multi-family apartment communities can provide portfolio diversification, consistent cash flow and long-term gains.

We like large, well located, cash flowing Properties
""with Appreciation Potential

Global Perimeters strategy is to offer profitable co-ownership opportunities to individual investors in markets where they have the potential to get the highest returns.

To solidify our portfolio and yours, we focus on high-quality Class B properties with good cash flow.

We like properties that are well located, architecturally pleasing, 100 units and larger, that are marketing to middle-income residents.

No high-risk re-tenanting or risky fixer-upper schemes to worry about. Just good, solid large multi-family properties with demonstrable cash flow and the potential to quickly appreciate in value over a 5 to 7 year period.

Historically this industry has proven profitable time and time again, and (for those that know how to do it) well picked properties will continue to have the strong market demand to keep performing.

principal and co-founder

"Owning large multi-family apartment complexes is a profitable opportunity—as long as you know what you are doing.

So we made a strategic decision to invest as aggressively and intelligently as possible.

That means we look at each investment opportunity on its own merits and ask, is this the proper use of our capital at this time in this particular market.

We also believe that the conservative analysis and strong pre-planning that goes into each investment decision defines our success and gives us a competitive advantage in building an outstandingly valuable portfolio.

We want our investments to be as profitable and as stable as possible, so we like to operate in a manner that keeps our interest expenses low and maintains control of our maturities.

To this end we have avoided below market rate, government-subsidized, and commercial properties, because we think they do not have the kind of growth potential we are looking for, or the chance for us to use our skill set in generating as high of a return on equity as large scale multi-family does."

principal and co-founder

"This is a great time to diversify your portfolio and invest in multi-family real estate.

Investing in large multi-family complexes is not like investing in rental homes, or investing in any other kind of real estate. It takes quite a bit of specialized knowledge to avoid the pitfalls, and to know how to financially capitalize on the upswing. It takes an expert.

Additionally, the chore of managing such a large, complicated asset as an apartment complex is not for everyone.

That's where we come in. We are intelligently focused on profiting from the economic trends in individual markets all throughout the United States. This allows us to target our investment activities to the areas, and properties that have the best opportunity for the highest returns.

We know where to invest, when to invest, and when to get out."

Global Perimeter is a privately held company that invests in large scale multi-family apartment communities

Investing in large multi-family apartments can be an easy conservative way to increase your wealth,
but it does require an expert—We are that expert.