Our Seven Guiding Principles — Our Solid Foundation

These guiding principles define who we are today, and where we will be tomorrow.

1. We invest where tenants want to be:

Large scale quality properties located in desirable neighborhoods with plenty of dining and recreational activities for the tenants to take advantage of. Only properties with competitive advantages that meet the needs of our tenants are considered for investment. In addition, as owner operators we take special pride in the quality, design and appearance of our buildings. It all adds up understanding what the tenant wants, and then profiting it.

2. We are results / profit driven:

We and our people are extremely ambitious. We are a for profit company, in the business of creating extraordinary value in the multi-family sector, and we understand that our company's financial success is rooted in this single-minded pursuit. As such, we are always focused on achieving optimum investment performance for all of our assets.

3. We are employee satisfaction driven:

We employ only top-notch men and women who share our values, and our way of thinking. We believe that it is our exceptional employee base that gives us a solid results, and we also believe that everyone of them contributes to the bottom line. Likewise, we recognize and reward each team member’s results.

4. Business relationships are important to us:

All of our people are exceptional top-notch business men and women who understand the importance of useful industry contacts. They also understand that the actions of each and every one of us contribute to our company's reputation in the industry.

5. Financial discipline is important to us:

Because capital preservation is crucial to our long term success, we understand the importance of proactive risk management. As such, we utilize hands-on portfolio management and detailed financial analysis across our portfolio. We are focused on maintaining a high-quality portfolio of apartment homes while at the same time adhering to conservative financial policies.

6. We have an entrepreneurial approach:

We want to make sure that we structure the best deal for every acquisition. In light of that, we use creativity to find opportunity where others may overlook it. We are not heavy in layer upon layer of management to bog down every decision. We are a lean machine, and take pride in the fact that we can move quickly when we need to . We’re committed to not only the initial investment but the long-term financial and operational success of each property.

7. Ethical behavior:

Global Perimeter is committed to responsible company conduct. We apply high ethical standards to all our activities and decisions. When deciding on the appropriate course of action, we take into account not only compliance with laws, rules and regulations, but also if a decision or activity is consistent with our values of honesty and fairness.


"Although our highest priority is always profits. Everything we do is guided by these principles."

"They have been at our core right from the beginning and are one of our fundamental strengths."