our geographic focus is the USA

America, land of the free and home of the brave. A world super power. It's growth fueled by it's abundant natural resources and the high productivity of it's people.

There are many symbols that represent the United States. Some of the most popular ones are the US flag (nicknamed “The Stars and Stripes“ or "Old Glory"), the Statue of Liberty (located in New York on Liberty Island, it was a gift from France), the bald eagle (the national bird), the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the US Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Liberty Bell, and many others.

The current population of the United States is just a little over three hundred million people and they all need some place to live. We are dedicated to providing that for them, in the areas where they want to live.

We are experts on the right markets to invest in

In on the Rise—Out Before the Fall.  We intelligently identify the right large scale multi-family investment markets all across the USA. These market locations change over time, and as one rises in above average opportunity for multi-family, another falls.

Above Average Returns.  There are an enormous amount of markets and sub-markets in the United States. We understand these markets and how they work, and based on our market expertise we may be aggressively pursuing one local market and not another. We only want to invest in areas where we expect above average returns.

We are the Experts.  To be able to identify these markets, and sub-markets, at the right time and to expect above average returns while minimizing risks as much as possible, it takes an expert. We are that Expert.

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Wealth Creation

We strive to maintain sufficient working capital lines to be able to immediately capitalize on investment opportunities.

We aim to minimize downside risk and protect equity by maintaining a geographicaly diversified portfolio, and actively monitoring all investment markets.

With a rigorous due diligence process and our deal acumen, we strive to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns across all market cycles.

This, coupled with structuring deals to generate recurring cash flow streams is designed to provide a continuous return on investment, while maintaining an optimal level of financial flexibility and liquidity.

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Closing Power

The fact that we are a privately owned entrepreneurial company, gives us considerable purchasing and negotiating power as well as quicker decsision making.

We place a high premium on our access to capital; this enable us to take swift and full advantage of profitable opportunities while assuring us ample reserves to handle any potential uncertainty such as adverse market shifts or changes in business conditions.

We encourage creative thinking. Our entrepreneurial, change-driven environment challenges the status quo, while at the same time offering a strong close.

Global Perimeter
Multi-family Experts

Our dedication to the highest possible standards in every aspect of our business is visible in everything we do.

It is evident in our commitment to owning our properties as well as the consistently high level at which they operate.

We focus on creating value by investing in properties where our strategic insight, relationships and operational support can drive transformation and realize the property’s potential.

With our innovative finance, operations and marketing strategies, we strive to create communities that will become, and stay, market-dominant properties.

Global Perimeter
Conservative Approach

We believe that the key to resident satisfaction is the quality of the onsite management staff.

Therefore our goal is to have our properties maintain the highest possible standards of maintenance, administrative efficiency and resident services.

Our approach to this is to provide strategic direction to outsourced property management services. This is done in order to maximize cash flow while at the same time protecting the long-term value of the asset.

These practices are also designed to position each of our properties as best-in-class and help to increase their revenue streams.